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About Thomas

Thomas, the Kilted Photographer is based in Falkirk who has a passion for photographing Scotland in it’s natural beauty. He has always had a keen interest in photography but did not buy his first DSLR camera until 2015, since then he has been developing his knowledge and skills. Thomas, being passionate about his country's history and culture decided to blend his two passions and hobbies together to create “The Kilted Photographer”. Since then he has been exploring Scotland, capturing it and sharing his view of his magnificent country to a worldwide audience.

Thomas took an interest in drone photography in 2017. Shortly after, he completed his training and is now a fully insured commercial operator who holds an Operational Authorisation from the CAA. He knows that Scotland is beautiful from the ground, but photographing with the drone offers a whole different perspective that traditionally would be difficult to capture. 


Some of Thomas' photographs have been published in various media outlets across the United Kingdom.


Thomas' drone work has appeared on international TV documentaries.

Please get in touch if you require any drone photography/videography work to be undertaken.

Thomas has set up a YouTube channel where you will be able to watch videos from his photography adventures. Click here to visit!

You can purchase some of Thomas' photographs by visiting the online store here.

About the Tartan

Declaration tartan used with permission granted by the Tartan Artisan® - 2023

Further information and the story about the tartan can be found here.

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